The Types Of Cloud Services Available In The IT World

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Cloud services by definition is said to be delivery of the computing services such as processing, storage over the internet to the IT professionals and the companies responsible for providing these cloud services are called cloud service providers or managed IT providers sometimes also provide the cloud services in sydney. These are in use by various of the businesses these days and the billing model for each of these is different than the other but most of the times these are way less costly than the local in-house computing services. Although there are confusions when there are talk about the cloud services because of the various deployment models as these deployment models differ in the implementation but all of these are based on the same basic cloud services concept which is the virtualization that is hiding the details of the hardware used from the end user but these deployment models each have their own capacity of storage, has different accessibility model and locations and these are discussed as below:

Public cloud:

This is one of the most common cloud services models that is used by number of organizations who do not prefer to spend on building their own IT structure and their usage is not so much as well. The public cloud services are shared by multiple users and the cost of this is dependent on the services which are consumed.

Private cloud:

These clouds services are designed for an individual organization according to the need of the organization and this is not shared by other businesses and this is the reason that these cloud services are not maintained by the CSP and companies may hire the IT support for managing the services.

 Hybrid cloud:

Hybrid cloud services are the combination of the private and public cloud and this is how the data and the information are shared among the public and private and this is used by the organization who need scalability and requires flexibility with expansion of their services on demand.

Community cloud:

These are the kind of the cloud services which are designed to share among the employees of the same organization or if multiple organizations have the same goals and business needs then these cloud services could be shared among these but there are security policies and compliances involved in these kinds of the cloud services.

These are the basic types of the clouds based on the deployment models but there are even types in the cloud services that are IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and these are the cloud service models responsible for providing features in different capacities. Before acquiring the cloud services it is important that the business identify its needs and understand the types and kinds of the services available to them.