Take Care Of Your Car And Your Car Will Take Care Of You!

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Why do we need mechanical services?

Routinely mechanical services are one the most important aspect for car users, it keeps us far-off from car damage and also saves us from the unforeseen situation on roads, it also shows importance at the time of road accidents which can occur for any reason. Car services include changing of oil regularly, rotating tires and checking air pressure, checking battery’s charging, replacing brake Pads, replacing air filters and also includes replacement of old spark plugs. This is why a car’s regular maintenance and mechanical services are mandatory. It increases safety while you are driving on the road with your family. It will prevent parts from breaking and other arising major issues. If you constantly take care of your car and check the systems that might develop problems, you will take away the risk of dealing with a malfunctioning car. Scheduling the routine maintenance from any mechanics online or via their app is the most convenient, time-saving option to remind you timely for your car check-ups. At Central Auto Care, you are able to book your slot online via our website. You can save your money if you take care of our car on a regular basis, moreover, you will prevent larger, more costly issues from arising. The log book in mascot servicing and any other auto electrical work can be done instantly at Central Auto Care. If you skip one of the key services, your safety and security might go down quite a bit.


Services offered at Central Auto Care:

Here we provide several services like mechanical repairing, log book servicing, general servicing, fleet servicing, services for brakes, steering and suspension servicing, clutches and transmission servicing, and taking care of cooling systems as well. The inspection includes an E-safety check as well as an authorized and unregistered vehicle inspection to provide a blue slip and pink slip. Our auto electrical repairs include a range of services for batteries, alternators, starter motors, lightning accessories, power windows, door locks and ignition, central locking, key programming, and last but not least diagnostics for engine warning lights, ABS, and airbags. Not only will these services make driving a more pleasant experience for you, but they will also keep the value of your car high. When you decide to sell your car in the future, you will get more money if you took good care of it.


Contact Central Auto Care Now:

Just schedule that routine maintenance appointment via the contact number provided on the website. We are the most convenient, time-saving option for you around St Peters, Marrickville, Mascot and Newtown. Feel free to have log book servicing from us as we are a licensed and authorized company. It takes just a few minutes to book your appointment and leave the rest of the procedure and paperwork to us. Rest assured that we will provide you with the top-quality auto electrical in marrickville repairs in town. We will get your car up and performing at its best.