Ear Wax And Its Importance

Ear wax also known as cerumen is a yellow, orange, gray or red secretions found in the ear canal of humans. Protects the skin of the human ear canal, and through mechanisms like cleaning and lubrication provides safety to the ear against bacteria and fungi.The wax is produced in the outer third portion of the cartilaginous region of the ear, the secretions consists of produce from two glands, viscous secretions from sebaceous glands and less viscous secretions of apocrine glands. Ear wax primarily consists of dead skin with keratin, unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, squalene and cholesterol.Ear wax are of two types the wet and the dry, this is determined by genetics, the wet type being decided by a dominant gene and the dry by a recessive gene. People generally think having ear wax is dirty and feel the need to remove by using cotton swabs or ear candling, but ear wax present in adequate quantities are of benefit to us.Having too little ear wax may lead to dryness and itching of the ear, cerumen provides lubrication and traps dust particles and bacteria and other microbes and slow their growth and it also protects the ear from being irritated by water. Many people might feel the need to clear their ear as a part of their personal hygiene but the ear in itself has mechanisms to rid itself of ear wax.The way the ear clears itself of ear wax is by a process similar to that of a conveyor belt, with the help of jaw movement the debris in the ear is pushed away. The ear wax in the middle is pushed towards the opening of the ear canal with the movement of jaw, when its being moved it carries with itself dirt and other particulates once it reaches the opening of the ear canal it either dries and drops off or during shower its washed away.

The ideal moment to remove ear wax is when you feel impacted, that is when you feel fullness of the ear, ear ache or temporary hearing loss. Even in these circumstances using of best ear candles in Brisbane, cotton swabs or bobby pins should be avoided as you can injure your ear. The best method is to do it under a professional who would remove it without causing any harm.Using of cotton swabs or poking any other things into the ear is contraindicated as inserting those things will only impact the ear more or damage the ear drum and lead to hearing loss. Under professional environment, the doctors initially use some sort of softener to soften the wax and with the help of water will irrigate the ear canal to remove ear wax.