Dry Herb Grinder For Herbal Smoking

Dry herb grinder

Mechanical appliances have advanced to a greater extent and are still gradually progressing towards better approaches on the basis of high technology. The machines and devices that are technically based on mechanics can be of small to large-scale in use. Some are employed in house while some are significant part of factories and industries. One such machine of limited size and small term use is the dry herb grinder that is used to mince and grind small herbaceous materials into finely processed form. This is an electric operated device that is sized the same as a mixer grinder. The advantage of grinder use is that it is quick, mechanically active and is portable to carry along. The main purpose of use of herb grinder is in smoking routine activities. Similar to the grinder is filtration smoking equipment referred as bongs, which is used to smoke tobacco, cocaine and cannabis etc. These small glass bongs are type of chemical apparatus that is similar to hookah in use and is portable for carrying out herbal smoking.

Dry herb grinder

Dry herbs are used as smoking materials but are quite safe in comparison to tobacco and cocaine etc. These cannot be smoked in large solid form, therefore, are converted to small fine pieces, vapor or mist forms in order to swallow or inhale them. Dry herb grinder is a portable mechanical tool which aids the process of fine grinding of herbs and other plants that are later used for smoking purposes.

Dry herb grinder carry out the grinding of cannabis, weeds or herbs into small similar size pieces which are of continuous consistency due to frequent mincing. This device is provided with two-sided teeth or blade type structures which when closed are able to grind and shred solid into fine mixture.

Small glass bongs

Bongs are quite popular mechanical equipment that has personal to commercial uses in smoking applications. This is a filtration set-up that has two openings, one at the top and other at the near base point. Weeds, dry shredded herbs, cocaine, tobacco, cocaine etc. are placed inside the small glass bongs and air is blown through the side opening. The flow of air helps the smokers to inhale the smoking materials from the top, as it is done in case of hookah.

The conventional most bongs were manufactured in Central Asia for smoking dry herbs. Small glass bongs are easy to carry along and easy to purchase for self-use. This can be referred as a traditional bamboo type of tube which is used to smoke weeds, herbs and tobacco or pipe sort of structure attached to hookah.


Dry herb grinder is portable mechanical equipment that allows shredding of dry herbs and weeds into fine powder, later used for smoking. Small glass bongs, on the other hand, is a hookah style smoking machine which use weeds, herbs and tobacco materials as a source of smoking through inhalation.