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Leading business debt collection agency Melbourne, Kearley Lewis offers businesses cost-efficient and successful debt collection solutions. Over 20,000 businesses in Melbourne and rural Victoria trust us with their debt collection because of our focus on producing results, which is only one of many factors. With more than 15 years of combined expertise, our expert team of collection specialists knows what it takes to quickly collect your debt by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Offering both personal and business debt collection services, we can swiftly determine a debtor’s willingness and ability to pay in order to settle your debt more promptly. We provide a stress-free, moral, and effective collection procedure built on the tenet that making sure your overdue is a priority. We recover debts that most other collection companies write off, so if you’re searching for a results-driven debt collection solution, please get in touch.

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For more than 50 years, Kearley Lewis has assisted Melbourne, Australia-based small and medium-sized businesses in effectively recovering their debts. We maintain the highest level of professionalism throughout the collection procedure as an industry leader. The majority of debtors will either pay the whole amount of the debt or make arrangements to pay in installments when our name is mentioned, which kick starts the small businesses debt collection process. We can either send a solicitor’s letter of demand or a final notice letter on our letterhead. Then, if the letters are ineffective, we can take all pre-legal measures to recover your debts, including making a phone demand. We can also add a default on your behalf to their credit history if they are a company or enterprise. Although we believe our procedure to be “best practice,” our service can, of course, be customized to meet your specific needs.

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Top-notch small business debt collection services are offered by kearley Lewis throughout Australia, and we add value to the variety of companies who opt to outsource their debt collection work to us. We are one of Australia’s top debt collection firms, and we specialize in recovering all kinds of debt for small and medium-sized businesses. Our debt recovery strategies produce tangible results while being economical. For hundreds of small and medium-sized Australian businesses, we have successfully recovered debt. Utilizing our cloud-based technology and skilled team members, we assist businesses throughout Australia in recovering their debts through our locations in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. We are able to stay at the forefront of the debt collection industry thanks to our team of skilled debt collectors and our investment in small business debt collection technologies. Small businesses can now quickly access the likelihood of, and a quote for, collecting their debts using our cutting-edge online debt recovery platform. They can, however, also review and keep an eye on the recuperation procedure as it develops in real time. Our online system makes it simple to track debtors, send email notifications to them, and provide them the option to pay their debts via the built-in payment system. Due to our excellent success rate in recovering debt for small, medium, and big enterprises, we are confident in our debt recovery procedures and the skills of our team members. Our competitors may consider debt collection initiatives unachievable, but thanks to our success, we are confident enough to take them on. Get in contact with us right now if you’re looking for effective and efficient debt collection services for your company.